For help or just to contact us, call 01873 280028
Calls answered 6.00am-10.00pm – Voicemail overnight

Need a bit of help, or could you volunteer?

Help can be provided for:

  • Food shopping
  • Cook and provide a hot meal
  • Essential goods shopping
  • Collect prescriptions
  • Having someone to talk to
  • Dog walking (we will do our best!)
  • Looking after livestock
  • Other reasons …

Food help

We have received donations and funding to offer assistance to any members of our community who are finding it difficult to shop for food at present.. This could be for many reasons such as transport difficulties, shielding, mobility issues, or financial.

For the sake of privacy, all requests are treated in the strictest confidence and al nominations are made completely anonymously.

What local food deliveries are available?

Can’t easily go shopping?
Find out which local business can deliver food to you …

Coming soon!

Black Hill Community Radio will be broadcasting a variety of shows, from children’s stories to hip-hop DJ sessions, shows exploring environmental diversity, music through the eras, community shout-outs, and farming life.

Trial shows were broadcast under the wing of Unite the Beat from January until April this year, which you can still hear on catch-up(Link opens in a new tab)